The Central Library offers private rooms which are available for study, discussion or tutoring. These study rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Study rooms may not be reserved in advance. The Library may find it necessary to use study rooms for official Library events, so the number available at any time varies.

Hours of Use
Study rooms are available whenever the library is open. Sign-In To use a study room, visit the nearest public service desk to inquire about availability and to sign-in for one.
The library has small study rooms, which can hold up to four (4) people. Also available are  large study rooms which hold up to eight (8) people.
Time Limit
There is a two-hour time limit when others are waiting. Unattended study rooms will be assigned to the next person waiting.
The Library does not provide equipment for use in study rooms. Electrical outlets and data ports are available. Personal electrical surge protectors are strongly recommended. The Central Library has wireless Internet access. The Library does not assume liability for damage to personal equipment or loss of data during use.
Study rooms are not soundproof. Talk at low levels so others will not be disturbed. Smoke or eat outside the library. Only covered, non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in study rooms. Customers are responsible for keeping their private property with them at all times. Please do not leave personal items in the study room if you have to leave. PLEASE NOTE: Study room doors lock automatically. Future use of study rooms will be dependent upon adherence to these behavior guidelines.