Named Gifts

"Knowledge is power." -- George Eliot

Your public library is an institution that lies at the very heart of democracy. Its wealth of knowledge flows freely and can be used by anyone. The library is what people make of it; a path to enlightenment, a source of entertainment or a road to success. It fulfills its varied duties equally to all. In that it is one of our most basic freedoms, the public library can easily be taken for granted. So we seek gifts from those who see the importance and significance of a strong, vital public library system. With your help, we can secure this important cornerstone of our community. Your are invited to etch your place in history with a gift that lets you, your family or your company to become permanently associated with the Memphis Public Library & Information Center through named recognition. 

Named Gift Opportunities 

$5,000,000 Collections Endowment
$3,000,000 Technology Endowment
$3,000,000 Furniture and Equipment Endowment
$2,000,000 Memphis and Shelby County Room 
$1,000,000 LINC Endowment
$1,000,000 Radio Station Endowment
$1,000,000 Television Station Endowment
$1,000,000 Popular Library Endowment
$1,000,000 Math and Sciences Collection 
$500,000   Meeting Rooms
$500,000 Memphis Music Collection
$500,000 Teleconferencing Abilities 
$250,000 Courtyard
$250,000 Non-Profit Resource Center
$250,000 Job/Career Center
$250,000 Computer Materials Collection
$250,000 Book Festival
$250,000 2-1-1 Equipment Enhancements 
$150,000 Training Room
$150,000 Computer Lab
$150,000 Parent-Teacher Collection
$150,000 Children’s Picture Book Collection 
$100,000 Reading Area – third floor
$100,000 Training Endowment
$100,000 Art Collection
$100,000 Literature Collection
$100,000 African-American Popular Collection
$100,000 Translation Abilities 
$ 75,000 Contemporary Issues Collection
$ 75,000 Botanic/Horticulture Collection
$ 75,000 Travel Collection 
$ 50,000 Children’s Geography Collection
$ 50,000 Small Business Collection - branches
$ 50,000 Professional Librarian Collection