Home-Based Business Chamber

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Home-Based Business Chamber
Name: Home-Based Business Chamber of Commerce (HBBC)
Address: P.O. Box 41365
Memphis, TN 38174
Telephone: 901 205-7262
Fax: 901 590-2414
Email: info@homebasedbusinesschamber.com
Web Site: www.homebasedbusinesschamber.com
Director: Beverly H. Anderson
Contact: Beverly H. Anderson, President
Purpose: The Home-based Business Chamber was formed to provide an opportunity for home-based business owners to build credibiligy, collaborate and share ideas, and learn how to effectively market their products and services to the mass market.
Eligibility: Business address must be the same as primary resident; no store-front or permanent office space. Business must operate from home (not including outside meeting, events, etc).
Freelancer or independent
Fees: Membership investment is based on the number of years in operation. See website for membership details.
Services: Membership benefits such as an avenue to create their own website, ongoing education and training catered to home-based business development, networking opportunities, access to micro-loans.