Shelby County Clerk's Office

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Shelby County Clerk's Office
Business Tax Division
Name:Shelby County Clerk's Office
Debbie Stamson, County Clerk
Business Tax Division
Address:Downtown Office
150 Washington Avenue
Room 200
Memphis, TN 38103

East Branch Office
1075 Mullins Station Road
West Wing
Memphis, TN 38134
Telephone:Downtown Office 901 545-4249
East Branch Office 901 379-7099
Fax:Downtown Office 901 545-4215
Days Open:Monday - Friday
Hours:Downtown Office 8:30-4:15
East Branch Office 9:30-5:15
Contact:Downtown Office - Jeffrey Jacobs, Manager
East Branch Office - Waylon Wininger, Manager
Purpose:Registration of businesses for local Business Tax License
Eligibility:Businesses domiciled and/or operating in Shelby County
Fee:Varies, depends on location of business
Services:Issue Business Tax Licenses
Issue County Beer Permits
Issue "Going Out of Business" Permits
Issue Pawnbroker License
Issue Tennessee Title Pledge License
Issue Transient Vendors Permits
Issue Wrecker Stickers
Collect Gross Receipts Tax
Collect Room Occupancy Tax
Collect Liquor by the Drink Tax
Publications:Steps to Starting a Business in Memphis and Shelby County
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