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The Government Documents Department is part of the FDLP (Federal Documents Library Program).  It includes material in paper, microfiche, DVD, and electronic documents.  The documents are located in the Central Branch Departments and in a storage facility on site.  Please ask a reference librarian if you need more help in finding a particular document or the information that you need.

FDSYS - This site is a comprehensive collection of government publications submitted by Congress and other federal agencies. It includes major government documents like the Budget of the United States Government, Code of Federal Regulations, and other core documents.

MarciveWeb DOCS

Quick Tour of MarciveWeb DOCS

What is MarciveWeb DOCS?


You can search for all United States government publications issued to federal depository libraries since 1976 using MarciveWeb DOCS. MarciveWeb DOCS is the World Wide Web version of Marcive’s Government Printing Office record database. The records found will include the Superintendents Document number or SuDoc number, which is the GPO’s version of a call number. This is the number you will need to request a copy of a publication, if owned, from the Government Publications department at the Central Library. An exciting feature of MarciveWeb DOCS is its inclusion of Web addresses in the records for those government publications you can read on the World Wide Web.

On almost every MarciveWeb DOCS screen help can be reached by clicking on the "Help" button. The following is a quick tour of the main features of MarciveWEB DOCS.

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Note: MarciveWeb DOCS is licensed by the library only for use with web browsers in the library. This means if you are accessing this page from a web browser outside of the library, you cannot access MarciveWeb DOCS.

Government Legal Information


Slip Laws
This is a website that includes the Public and Private Laws of the United States. It begins with the 104th Congress (1995-1996) and has listings through today's Congress.

Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation
Prepared by the Library of Congress and the Congressional Research Service, this site provides an analysis and interpretation base on the Constitution of the United States. Annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court that are based on the Constitution are also listed.

This site allows you to submit remarks on Federal documents that are open for comment and published in the Federal Register, the government's legal newspaper.

United States Reports
The United States Reports provide the full text opinion of the United States Supreme Court cases. The full bound volumes are available online from the 1991 Court term.

Consumer Information


Social Security and the Social Security Handbook

From the publications list you can find info about many topics related to Social Security as well as a list of publications in Spanish. The Social Security Handbook is an easy-to-use tool for understanding Social Security.

Medicare Information for the Consumer
The official U.S. Government site for Medicare information.

Where to Write for Vital Records
State addresses and information for obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Many requests can be completed online.

Tax Forms and IRS Publications
Locate federal tax forms and other information here.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
A site that helps find information on federal grants. All types of assistance can be found, not just federal aid grants. provides one access place on the internet for government benefits information. It also personalizes how you can apply for different federal and state programs.

WWW Recalls.GOV
To provide better service in alerting the American people to unsafe, hazardous or defective products, six federal agencies with vastly different jurisdictions have joined together to create -- a "one stop shop" for U.S. Government recalls.
Informacion en Espanol

Homes and Communities: Memphis Office
Find information for the first time home buyer, buying a Department of Housing and Urban Development home, the Teacher Next Door program, plus many other related topics.

Home Gardening  and  Plant Hardiness Zone Map
This website provides information on the USDA plant hardness zone map.  It has an interactive GIS-based map that finds plant hardness by zip code.
Search through relevant links to selected food safety related information at  Find nutrition information at Choose My Plate (formerly known as the Food Pyramid).

Dietary Guidelines for Americans is published once every 5 years by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture. It provides advice from the government on how to promote health and reduce the risk of chronic disease through nutrition and physical activity.

The Consumer Information Catalog provides free or low cost publications from the government.  A lot of the publications are full text on the site, available to be read before being ordered.






Finding Tools


Zip Code Directory

This site allows you to look up a zip code by address, city or by company. It will also give you a listing of all cities in a certain zip code.

Catalog of U.S.Government (MOCAT)
This online version of the Catalog of U.S. government Publications indexes government publications beginning with January 1994, and many with the capability of reading the full text. Government E-books are now also included in the catalog.

Browse by Subject provides information on over 150 topics that can be purchased from the Government Printing Office.

Sales Product Catalog (SPC)
Also called "the U.S. Government Online Bookstore", this tool indicates what government publications are for sale. Many can be ordered online.

A service of the U.S. Government Printing Office, providing official, free access to a wealth of information produced by the federal government.

Federal Websites in Spanish (Los sitios web del gobierno Federal in Espanol)
This site, from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, provides a listing of federal departments that have websites in spanish. Este sitio, del Departamento de Bibliotecas de Oklahoma, provee un listado del Federal que tienen sitios en la gobierno internet en Espanol.

Search Engines - Government Made Easy  
A very efficient Internet search engine for government sites.

Offers a high-utility collection of top government and civic resources on the Web. Fun for browsing as well as useful for its topical arrangement.

GovSpeak: A guide to U.S. government acronyms and abbreviations. GovSpeak is a guide that lists acronyms & abbreviations commonly used by the United States Federal Government.  Each acronym is defined and links to the home page of the identidfied department, agency, office, program or publication.
Looking for the homepage of a military installation? This cite indexes over 1 million military pages.

U.S. Internet Government Periodicals
This is an index of electronic government periodicals. From the University of Louisville Libraries.

Uncle Sam - Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications
An easy to follow guide on how to cite government publications for writers.


University of Memphis Government Publications Department
Home of Tennessee's Regional Federal Depository Library, visit this site for clear and simple access to government information on the Internet and information about the University's collection.

University of Michigan Government Documents Center  
An extensive site for links to federal, state, and local government information on the Internet. Useful links to state tax forms, municipal codes, and other valuable informative links.

Frequently Used Sites Related to U.S. Federal Government Information - GODORT
A comprehensive site for locating government and government-related information. Links provided are from many knowledgeable, experienced documents librarians.

This site allows for easier access to government information. Online links are available for those in business, private citizens and the government. Business laws, federal auctions, small business procurement, government jobs, and government benefits, along with many other links are included. Shopping and Auctions
The official free US Government site for information on all government surplus property and asset sales and auctions. This site also includes information concerning sales by state and local governments of surplus and unclaimed property.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
NAICS is replacing the US Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. From this handy website there are correspondence tables showing the relationship from one classification system to the other.

Page One Economics
Page One Economics is an economic portal for students and librarians. It includes the International Economic Statistics (IES) Database which simplifies the search for worldwide economic indicators. It also includes the state unemployment rate, Consumer Price Index, 30-year mortgage rate, and other economic statistics.


Statistical Abstract of the United States

FDLP LogoStatistical Abstract of the United States is an excellent summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Broken into sections, Statistical Abstract online runs from 1878 - 2012.

Statistics from over 100 federal agencies are easily searchable by topic from this website.

Education Statistics at a Glance
Brings together major statistical publications of the Department of Education covering educational attainment, number of schools, colleges, teachers and students, adult literacy, and more.

Agricultural Statistics
Statistics for agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns. Agricultural Statistics online runs from 1994 to the present day.

Crime in the U.S.
Often quoted statistics on crime rates for the U.S. and cities are from this annual Justice Department publication. Statistics on hate crimes are listed in this source, too. It runs from 1995 - forward to present day.

Annual Energy Review
This website gives statistics on energy prices, production, resources, and consumption.

Poverty Guidelines
Locate the measure of poverty in the U.S.

A Statistical Rolodex from the Centers for Disease Control. From this list of alphabetic subjects, locate a multitude of health related statistics.

Health United States
Locate the current, and earlier, annual reports going back to 1975 on the health status of the Nation. Issued by the Secretary of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. 




U.S. Census Bureau
Locate Information online from the 2010 Census from the Census Bureau Home Page.

American FactFinder
This website includes information from the 2000 Census on population, housing, industry, and business. Statistics and maps on these subjects are also provided.

State and County Quick Facts
Need a quick answer to how many people live in Michigan, or how many people are in Tallahatchie, Mississippi? Quick Facts provides quick and easy access.

USA Counties
Over 6.500 data items are included for the counties, the states and the United States. Files include data published in the census for the years of 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010 and the economic census for the years 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, and 2007.

Vanderbilt University -- Census 2000 Links
From the Government Information Service of the Heard Library at Vanderbilt, quick links to available online Census 2000 information.

Selected Historical Census Data
This site from the census gives historical statistics going back to 1790 for population and housing. It also gives poverty and income tables for the 1970, 1980, and 1990 census. Other miscellaneous tables are also included on this website.

United States Historical Census Data Browser
The data presented here describe the people and the economy of the US for each state and county from 1790 to 1960.

County and City Data Books
Provides Internet access to the electronic versions of the 1944 through 2000 County and City Data Books.

University of Michigan Historical Census Information                                    This website provides links to different locations of census resources going back to 1709.


Science and Technology

FDLP LOGO for Science for Science searches across 30 databases and more than 1,700 science web sites for government science information. It accesses 47 million science web pages.

National Weather Service The National Weather Service provides weather, climate forecasts, and warnings for the United States. A local forecast can be found by city and state on the site.

 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Information about wildlife, science, hunting, and conservation. 

Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plants  Locate information about threatened or endangered wildlife and plants in your state.

U.S. Geologic Survey  From the home page of the USGS, it is possible to locate USGS information by state.

The Why Files This current, informative, and funny website presents the science behind the news. Includes graphics. For grades 5-8 and 9+.

EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency Locate information about human health and the natural environment.

Climate Change Information from the EPA on the issue of climate change.

EPA - Office of Pesticide Programs provides valuable information for consumers in the form of Consumer Alerts, fact sheets, and information information about pesticide registration, antimicrobial pesticides, and biopesticides.

NASA Homepage Want to explore space, find out about the stars, the moon, and space science? This is the place to start.

NASA's History Office Need biographical information about NASA personnel or astronauts, then look here.

Scientific Classification


 Integrated Taxonomic Information System You can retrieve information from the ITIS Database by performing a query using either the scientific name, vernacular name, or the TSN (Taxonomic Serial Number).

Plants Database A single source of standardized information about plants. Includes names, checklists, automated tools, identification information, species abstracts, crop information, and plant growth data as well as other plant information.

Government Departments and Agencies

The White House

FDLP LogoHighlights of today's press releases, a virtual library of White House documents.

The Federal Judiciary HomePage 
This site functions as a clearinghouse for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the United States Government. Frequently Asked Questions about U.S. Courts are found here, the text of judicial documents intended for public review are found here, and links to individual Federal Courts web sites where court opinions may be found are included.

United States House of Representatives
Information about current House members and House Committees is found here, as well as summaries of recent committee actions, committee reports, and current House floor proceedings. You also have access to House votes, and you can link to the Congressional Record from here. It is a great site to track legislation on.

United States Senate
Information on Senators and Senate leadership, Senate committees, and legislative activities is available on this site. A virtual tour of the Senate is also another feature of this site, as well as FAQs and links to other related sites. 

United States Congressional Serial Set
The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is an index that allows the user to decide which Serial volume numbers were assigned to certain congressional documents or reports. It runs from 1970 to the current published edition.

Official Federal Government Sites
Direct links to executive agencies, independent agencies and boards and commissions. will be replacing the Thomas website in 2013.  Expanding beyond the law and the legislation of the United States, it will also have profiles of the members of congress, past & present. Students and teachers can watch videos that show the legislative process.  Finally, past laws and legislation can be searched.  

is the primary databases for investigating current legislation and the laws of the United States. Thomas can also be used to find treaties between other countries and the United States.

Department of State - Office of Treaty Affairs
A website that can be used to find treaties between the United States and other countries. This site searches Treaties in Force (TIF), pending treaties, and other international agreements.

Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index
Lists executive orders of the President, going back to Herbert Hoover in 1929. Through executive orders, the president manages the federal government. Starting with the William J Clinton presidency, (1993), a subject listing is also provided for easier searching within the website. 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service, this website provides information about the agency as well as info about the services
of this agency.

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants
This guide, written in 14 languages, provides practical information for immigrants coming to the U.s. It tells about everyday life, along with basic civic information on the U.S. Government. Adobe Acrobat is needed on your computer to view this document.

Memphis: A Sub Office of the New Orleans District
Information about the Memphis office of the USCIS as well as hours of service and other topics.



The U.S. Government's Official Hub for Federal Forms


One stop access for federal forms.





Occupational Outlook Handbook

Popular handbook for career exploration. Information on about 250 occupations including requirements, salaries, and the employment outlook for the field.

Identifies and describes the key components of modern occupations. The purpose of this Department of Labor database is to supply the nation with up-dated information critical to the effective training, educations, counseling and employment of workers. This online product will ultimately realace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. 

USA Jobs
From the Office of Personnel Management, the official website for federal job postings. It is possible to search this site in a variety of ways, by job type, profession, agency, and geographically.

Civilian Pay Tables -- Federal Government
This website provides information about all of the pay rates within the federal government. It also includes "locality pay tables."

U.S. Office of Personnel Managemen -- Subject Index
Find application forms for federal jobs, classification and qualification standards, and information about many other topics concerning federal employment.

Military Pay Tables
Use information here to find military basic pay rates for the current year and for prior years. Information is for enlisted personnel, commissioned officers, and warrant officers.

Country and Travel


Topographical Maps                                                              U.S. topo maps are digital quadrangle maps produced by the National Geospatial Program of the US Geographical Survey (USGS).  The digital 7.5-minute quadrangle format maps are available for free download from the USGS store.  Each map is delivered in PDF format with geospatial extensions (GeoPDF) and is made from key layers of geographic data - orthoimagery, Transportation, geographic names, topographic contours, boundaries, hydrographystructures, and woodlands - found in The National Map.  The National Map is a nationwide repository of the integrated data fron local, State, Federal, and other sources.  Recent US Topo maps also include the Public Land Survey System (Plss) and the United States National Grid (USNG).


Fact Sheets and The World Factbook

Both publications provide useful, basic country information about people, populations, economy, government, politics, and a brief history.

Country Studies
Provides information on over 100 countries, which describes and analyzes the political, economic, and social aspects of each country.

Apply for a Passport and Travel Publications from the Dept. of State
Get the info you need to apply for a passport then read about the countries you plan to visit.

Traveler's Health
The Centers for Disease Control present this resource for people traveling to other countries. Health information is provided for specific countries, including travel notices in effect. Staying healthy during your trip is also listed. The Yellow Book for Health professionals is provided as well.
Search national recreation areas by state, or by activity such as hiking, boating, or fishing.

Per Diem Travel Rates
From the General Services Administration of the US government. Find out what the travel allowance rates are for the Government traveler.


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids


Links to US Government websites for kids. Can search topically and includes information for parents and teachers. 
This is a kids website with links to information from different government agencies. Included are the subjects of space, math, state sites, health, homework and other great kids websites.

Kids ages 6 and up can earn achievement certificates by completing activities at virtual "ranger stations". Each station guides participants through games that teach them about the ecology and history of places. This site is sponsored through the National Park Service.