Job and Career Center

The Job and Career Center at the Central Library is located in the Business and Science Department on the third floor.  It has an extensive collection of materials on career selection, educational opportunities, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and test preparation.  Our Job and Career computers also include some special features such as:

  • LearningExpress Library, a test preparation and practice service
  • Microsoft Word templates which can be used to create professional-looking resumes.  To access these templates, visit Microsoft Word on the desktop.  Under File, choose New.  Then click on Templates on My Computer in the right-hand column.  Under Templates, choose Other Documents.  Finally, select either the Contemporary, Elegant or Professional to customize for your purposes. 

Smaller versions of the Job and Career Center are available at the Parkway Village , Raleigh , Hollywood , and South branch libraries.You can also visit JOBLINC, a program that visits locations throughout the city. JobLINC staff also publish the Job and Career News Blog.For a complete list of local agencies that provide assistance with job searching, employment preparation, employment counseling and assessment, please visit our Community Resources Database.The Memphis Area Career Center, with several locations around town, provides job leads, skills training, resume advice and related career planning resources.