Parent-Teacher Resources

Parent/Teacher and Homeschooling Resources



Homeschooling Information

  • A to Z Home's Cool
    Free help to educate your kids, includes lesson ideas, educational websites and helpful articles. 
  • Ele
    Fred Rogers Center's Early Learning Environment (Ele) is a place for parents and educators of children from birth to age 5 to find and share digital resources to support early learning and development.
  • Library of Congress Teacher Resources
    Find lesson plans that meet Common Core standards, primary sources and other materials for classroom and professional development.
  • Mango Language
    Mango is an online language-learning system that is provided to you for free by the Memphis Public Library.  You will need JavaScript enabled and Adobe Flash Player installed and updated.  You can take a basic course without registering with your email.  If you do register, Mango will keep track of your progress.
  • Memphis Home Education Association
    The MHEA website has links to support groups, athletic news for your child's extra-curricular activities, and an online newsletter for the partents of homeschoolers.
  • My Learning
    Sponsored by the Arts Council of England, this site is a resource for teachers and learners inspired by museum, library and archive collections to learn about  particular curriculum topics. You can search for a resource by subject, age group, museum or specific words.
  • Reading Bear
    A project of this non-profit website is an interactive phonics learning site.
  • WatchLearnKnow
    An organized collection of free, montiored for content, educational videos that have been rated for usefulness.

Helpful Information for Parents

  • Kid Central
    This new website provides information on health, education, development and support to Tennessee families. Families can create a Parent Profile to receive information tailored to the specific needs of their child, search hundreds of state services, store their child's emergency contacts, school and/or child care information at their fingertips with their mobile app, and share data with relatives, babysitters, or other caregivers.
  • Baby’s Brain Begins Now: Conception to Age 3
    This study from The Urban Child Institute states that a child's brain development under the age of three is particularly vulnerable to stresses such as poverty, neglect and maltreatment.
  • Interactive Baby Brain Map
    The Brain Map was adapted by ZERO TO THREE from BrainWonders.  Select an age range, different hotspots on the brain will appear. Click on a hotspot to reveal questions to find out how a baby's brain develops during this period of brain growth. You'll also learn what you can do to enrich a very young child's development.