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Magazine articles, newspapers, encyclopedias, reference books, journals and special reports are organized and indexed for easy research by searching or browsing. Have the latest articles on your favorite topic emailed to you on your schedule. Create a Powersearch account for more options. This search does not include all library databases. Consult the Gale Title List for a complete list of all resources covered by the above search.


Guided Tutorials for PowerSearch (Academic OneFile, General OneFile and all InfoTrac collections):

For other titles see All Guided Tutorials for Gale Publications

More Searches:

  • Advanced Search - When you want an article from a specific magazine use advanced search. (Example: to find Consumer Reports magazine reviews of cordless phones, go to the Advanced Search and enter cordless phones as the search term, and enter Consumer Reports as the 'by publication title'.)
  • Search TEL databases - Searches accross all the databases made available by TEL. There is also an Advanced TEL Search available on the same page.


Access Requirements

The symbol means that database cannot be accessed outside of the library.

The symbol means a library card number is required.

In addition a few services may require a username and password to access. For security purposes these may not be displayed here. Call or email to ask for access information to specific services.