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Memphis Public Library & Information Center
Volunteer Appreciation Program
The Volunteer Appreciation Program was held Sunday, April 1, 2012 at Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. Attorney Ruby R. Wharton served as the guest speaker. Wharton congratulated Memphis Public Library & Information Center volunteers and thanked them for making a difference in the community, customers' lives, and each Memphis Public Library & Information Center branch they serve with a special message: “I volunteer; I am make a difference.” Wharton also added, “Compassion gets you in the door; passion will keep you there” urging new people to volunteer and encouraging current volunteers.
The Memphis Public Library & Information currently has over 460 volunteers spread across eighteen branches with over 31,000 volunteer hours served. That amounts to about $700,000 dollars worth of service.
Follow the link MPLIC Volunteers to read more about volunteer opportunities, complete an online application to volunteer, and take a look at the current volunteer job openings.