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Richland Library Director Offers Advice on Improving Customer Service

By: Marcey Wright

Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins (center) told Memphis Library administrators to aim high in performing everyday customer service.Strategic planning is underway at Memphis Public Libraries to improve the overall customer experience, and Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins recently visited the Bluff City to offer her expertise in this area.

Huggins advised Library administrators to establish “brand promises” that outline what Memphis Public Libraries vow to deliver to all customers. Offering examples, Huggins shared Richland County Libraries’ promises, which include being welcoming, caring, and committed, among other customer-friendly goals.

“Branding is not a company’s logo,” Huggins said, “but it’s a customer’s gut feeling about your services, products, programs, and resources. Your brand is not what you say it is but what your customers say it is,” she stated.

Memphis Library administrators and managers offered their individual and group opinions on the best customer experiences and the worst ones as well. Breaking down each experience through careful analysis, supervisors identified what made each customer experience good or bad.

Director of Memphis Libraries Keenon McCloy (left) and Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins (right) were all grins during Huggins' special visit to Central Library.During the two days of Huggins' visit, which was funded by the Friends of the Library, she visited Library branches, met with Memphis Library personnel, and attended a luncheon with the Library's Board of Trustees and the Friends of the Library.

Several Library managers expressed their gratitude for the wealth of information Huggins shared. “Melanie is amazing, and our staff and customers will benefit from her guidance,” said Director of (Memphis) Libraries Keenon McCloy. “Richland County Library is fortunate to have her!”