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Opera Memphis presents 30 Days of Opera. Every day from September 15 to October 14, somewhere in Memphis, there will be opera. Every performance is free, every performance is open to the public, and every performance is designed to show the city we love what we love about opera.

Eight of the Memphis Public Library locations will participate in these 30 days of Opera. Seven out of the eight locations will have pop-up arias where Opera Memphis singers will show up at library branches and start performing at the library to serenade readers. Central Library will host the "Opera Does Not Suck program". Below are the dates and times of performances at Memphis Public Library locations:

  • Tuesday, September 25th 4:00pm Hollywood Pop-Up Opera
  • Monday, October 1st 4:00pm Randolph Pop-Up Opera
  • Monday, October 1st 6:00pm Bartlett Pop-Up Opera
  • Wednesday, October 3rd 4:30pm South Pop-Up Opera
  • Wednesday, October 3rd 6:00pm Whitehaven Pop-Up Opera
  • Thursday, October 4th 6:00pm Central "Opera Does Not Suck"
  • Monday, October 8th 3:00pm Cordova Pop-Up Opera
  • Monday, October 8th 5:00pm Pop-White Pop-Up Opera

Check out http://www.operamemphis.org/calendar for a complete list of 30 days of Opera events.