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Memphis Library Friends' Online Bookstore has Aisles of Hidden Treasures

By: Marcey Wright

Click here to visit the Library's Online Bookstore now!

Memphis Library Friends' Online Bookstore is a virtual bookstore available to Library customers worldwide! See the article for details.

Library customers can browse the aisles of the Memphis Library Friends’ Online Bookstore any time of the day or night. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, this virtual store is reaching booklovers around the world with affordable prices, speedy delivery, and great customer service that keeps readers coming back.

“We have a very good standing in the Amazon community and very good ratings with our customers,” noted Louise Brown, online bookstore manager. “We have a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating, and we work very hard to keep it. That’s very important to us!”

Rescuing and recycling gently-used book donations to Memphis Public Libraries, the Online Bookstore has had 30,000 books in stock since it opened in 2009 and currently has more than 11,000 books on a variety of topics, including textbooks, classics, and even specialty books in the medical and technical fields, to name a few. “We do not buy our inventory, so it is ever-changing,” Brown said. “Our items are all gifted to us.”

The Online Bookstore doesn’t just receive but also gives proceeds raised in the store to support Memphis Public Libraries. “Every penny that we make that’s not used for shipping goes to the Library,” Brown emphasized.

Customers can click here to "visit" the Bookstore and explore which titles are currently in stock. Items may also be found by visiting Amazon.com and searching for the title of a desired book. If the item is in stock, "Memphis Library Friends" will appear among the list of book retailers.

Longtime bookstore volunteers like Ilene Markell said that when customers shop at Memphis Library Friends Online Bookstore, they will find accurate book descriptions to help them make the best selections. “We want to make it feel like customers have the book in their hands,” Markell said. “In describing books, we include photos as a visual for customers, instead of text alone.” Brown added, “While Amazon provides information on a book’s storyline, we carefully provide details about every aspect of the book’s condition from cover to cover, even the look and smell!”

Selling up to 100 books weekly, the Online Bookstore ships five or six days each week. The volunteer-driven store is open Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays, responding to customers’ requests and shipping books to their doorsteps.

For more information about the Memphis Library Friends’ Online Bookstore or to volunteer in the Bookstore, call (901) 415-2871.

“We want everyone to know that the Friends’ Online Bookstore is here and available,” Brown stressed. “Whether Library customers would like to donate items or take advantage of our affordable prices, we’re always glad to help!”