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Memphis Public Library Customers can Bypass the Theatre and Head to the Library

By: Marcey Wright

Adult Library customers can take a load off during the Wider Angle Film Series 2014 at Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library!Memphis Public Library customers can skip the movies and take a trip to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Avenue) for the 2014 Wider Angle Film Series, critically-acclaimed and award-winning foreign films suited for adult audiences.

“Films may be educational, culturally-enlightening, entertaining, or all of the above,” said Humanities librarian Nobuko Igarashi. “Our customers can expect to view great quality films that may not be widely released or shown elsewhere in a commercial movie theatre,” she added.

Funded by the Friends of the Library, films are shown on the second Wednesday of each month, 6 pm – 8 pm (unless otherwise noted), at Central Library (lobby level, meeting room C).

Movie screenings through June 2014 are listed below.

  • February 12 – Aliyah, directed by Elie Wajeman
  • March 12 – Broken, directed by Rufus Norris
  • April 9 – Three Worlds, directed by Catherine Corsini
  • May 14 – The Deflowering of Eva van End, directed by Michiel ten Horn
  • June 11 – Key of Life, directed by Kenji Uchida (starts at 5:45 pm)

“Celebrating our diversity as a community and learning about other cultures is an important part of what the Library does,” Igarashi noted, “but we provide further support through books and programs like A Wider Angle, which are educational and fun!”

For more information about the 2014 Wider Angle Film Series, call (901) 415-2726.