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Memphis Public Library Invites Customers on Muslim Journeys

"Muslim Journeys" at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library is an opportunity to enhance cultural understanding of the Muslim faith, people, and history.The Memphis Public Library and Information Center invites customers to go on a journey to learn more about the Muslim faith. Purposed to foster cultural awareness and understanding, upcoming program Muslim Journeys: Muslim Contributions to the United States from 1776 until Today will be held on Thursday, July 18, 2013, 6 pm at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Avenue, meeting rooms A–C). A reception will begin at 5:30 pm. Dr. Edward E. Curtis, author of The Columbia Sourcebook of Muslims in the United States, will be keynote speaker.

“While Memphis is religiously diverse, Islam is a subject many citizens in the community are unfamiliar with. Many times, misunderstanding is generated by fear of the unknown,” noted Adult Services Coordinator Wang-Ying Glasgow. “The Library is a place where people of all backgrounds gather to learn, connect, and grow. Promoting cultural awareness is an essential part of the Library’s services, fulfilling our role as a community culture center,” she said.

To help bridge cultural divides, the Central Library will offer the “Bridging Cultures” Bookshelf, which will consist of 25 books, four DVDs and other programming resources to familiarize customers with the people, places, history, faith, and cultures of Muslims in the U.S. and around the world. Other local partners in this effort are the University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University, which will house similar collections as well.

During the presentation, Dr. Curtis will assist attendants in navigating through the resources on the “Bridging Cultures” Bookshelf. Event organizers say that customers should expect a whirlwind of reliable information from a trusted source. “We commit to providing access to responsible information about religion, race, and culture. We want to encourage interfaith and cultural awareness and dialogue, as well as promote opportunities for collaborations in Memphis,” Glasgow commented. “Recent events have triggered backlash in the Muslim community. We feel that Muslim Journeys and this partnership are more necessary and relevant than ever!”

For more information on Muslim Journeys: Muslim Contributions to the United States from 1776 until Today, call (901) 415-2709 or contact Public Relations Supervisor Marcey Evans at (901) 463-3055 or marcey.evans@memphistn.gov.